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Partners within the Guelph and Area have a proven ability to develop and design services to improve the patient experience and patient outcomes.  We have built our local health system based on an inherent model of cooperation and collaboration as opposed to duplication and competition.  We have developed our systems around a highly generalist model with specialized resources available to be accessed when needed.  We feel that our community is just the right size and structured in the right way to support system transformation. Specifically, our network has:

  • 1 Family Health Team in each of our three communities:
    • a FHT with 85 physicians, serving 120,000 residents in the Guelph area;
    • a FHT with 2 physicians serving 3,500 residents in Puslinch;
    • a FHT with 11 physicians serving 12,300 residents in East Wellington;
  • 1 Guelph CHC with 12 primary care providers, serving 6,000 of the most complex residents in Guelph with services appropriately designed;
  • 1 acute care hospital which serves the entire community;
  • 1 rehabilitation and complex continuing care centre with day programs, respite care and long-term care that specializes in the needs of frail seniors;
  • 1 hospice offering both community and residential hospice palliative care;
  • 1 Addictions Service including
    • a large community mental health and addictions agency providing cradle to grave services for those with moderate to severe mental health and addictions;
    • a community addiction agency providing long term residential addiction treatment and a broad range of community addiction programs from housing to the Rapid Access Addiction Clinic (RAAC);
  • a specialized hepatitis C service organization providing harm reduction and outreach services across the WWLHIN area;
  • a Designated LTC home for the City of Guelph that is a Seniors Campus of Care model with respite, retirement and life lease; and
  • a community agency supporting individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), providing day programs, outreach and transitional living.

The relationships among the leaders, clinicians and board members of this community have been built over time, with trust and respect being long established. Our strong primary care foundation and our vision for a transformed healthcare system in which transitions of care, referral and discharge are ELIMINATED make us more than ready to become a fully designated OHT.

We are ready to do things differently, ready to innovate, redesign and transform.

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