Other digital health plans

In addition to the introduction of OHTs there is also a growing number of initiatives related to consumer digital health as a way to empower patients to become active participants vs. passive recipients in their care. There are a number of companies/vendors that are developing health-related products and services that interact directly with our consumers which is causing confusion amongst health providers and consumers (e.g. which tool is best for me to use? What is the difference between company X and company Y). The WWLHIN has committed to endorsing 6 mobile applications in the next year to enable: virtual visits between patients and providers, residents tracking their referral status electronically, electronic cognitive behavioral therapy, electronic discharge instructions, and electronic directories to help patients navigate their health journey. These applications will be harmonized under one front-facing application that WWLHIN residents can access to engage in the various digital health tools. The need for one front-door is so it can act as the correct door for all consumer needs.  As we develop this ideal consumer digital health environment we are looking to add a section dedicated to explaining who the resident’s Ontario Health Team is comprised of based on their geography. This work will begin specifically, in partnership, with the Homewood Research Institute (situated in Guelph) for the child & youth mental health population.

See Figure XI

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