Does your team share common goals, values, and practices?

The Boards of our Core Partner organizations have passed a joint motion directing their leaders to “jointly develop a proposal for a joint strategic planning process to be completed in Year 1 (2020).”

A recently completed review and analysis of the individual strategic plans of our core partners identified the following core themes:

  • A focus on quality patient/client care
  • A focus on supporting our staff
  • A focus on collaborating with system partners

This demonstrates a high degree of shared organizational goals and values across our core partners and speaks to the foundational alignment of our collective values with the Quadruple Aim and the OHT model. 

“Enterprise alignment means getting every person in the organization to row in the same direction, which makes the organization stronger and allows achievement of better results. Creating constancy of purpose is fundamental to attaining enterprise alignment.” The following examples articulate our current alignment and recent efforts to optimize our alignment, both in purpose and function, to the Ontario Health Team Model:

Our Core Partners met in June 2019 to begin to develop this joint purpose of the G&A OHT.  Strategies of our core partners will be firmly strategically aligned through the planned Year 1 strategic planning process which will also inform our collective priority metrics and quality improvement opportunities. A strong communications strategy and support will be created to communicate this constancy of purpose consistently across all of our partner organizations. 

For several years, GGH and Guelph FHT have been working together to facilitate the achievement of each other’s organizational strategic plan, goals and objectives which are aligned. The Guelph FHT Executive Director meets monthly with the GGH Senior Leadership to discuss how we remove barriers and to facilitate our teams to work together to achieve improved patient outcomes. For example, we brought physicians and leaders from both organizations to an innovation lab to explore how we could improve the type and flow of patient information that is shared between the hospital and primary care. Recently, the two organizations cross-appointed Board Directors to enable a focus on service integration.

Prior to the introduction of OHTs, the Guelph FHT provided a presentation about their strategic plan at a GGH Board meeting followed by generative discussion at a joint Board retreat that included GGH, Guelph FHT, Guelph CHC and SJHCG. This session focused on how we could work together at the governance level to meet common goals and objectives. Since that time, the OHT has evolved with all 12 partners agreeing to the development of one strategic planning process. 

Our next step, and 30-day milestone, is to create a plan to develop a strategic plan for the Guelph and Area OHT for presentation and endorsement by our respective boards.  This joint strategic plan will confirm and clarify our commitment to improving the health of our population and will be framed in the Quadruple Aim and the principles of integrated care, shared accountability, value-based care, and population health management.

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