How will participation on an Ontario Health Team help improve individual member performance or compliance issues, if any?

The following Core Partner organizations report no compliance and/or performance issues:

  • Canadian Mental Health Association WW
  • eHealth Centre of Excellence
  • East Wellington Family Health Team
  • Guelph Community Health Centre
  • Guelph Family Health Team
  • Guelph General Hospital
  • Hospice Wellington
  • Sanguen Health Centre
  • Stonehenge Therapeutic Community
  • St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph
  • The Elliott Community
  • Traverse Independence

The Guelph CHC has a demonstrated history of high performance and accountability compliance when compared to other CHCs in the LHIN and South West Region.  As has been indicated in other areas of this application, our experience with integrating back office functions such as IT/IM/data management and financial management has contributed to absolute gains in efficiency and front-line care investment.  The Guelph CHC has been struggling with access to primary care (next available visit), driven by provider vacancy, which we know can have unintentional consequences elsewhere in the system, including increases to visits to emergency departments best managed elsewhere (BME).  Social prescribing and the proposed hub model are expected to reduce demand.

The WWLHIN provision of home care will benefit from the modernization work that will underpin the success of Ontario Health Teams.  For instance, a review of the province-wide opportunities to address issues contributing to escalating challenges in PSW and Nursing availability in home care which is contributing to significant delays in care and missed care. 

In Year 1 the Core Partners will explore whether there will be any formal accountability structures in place between individual team members and the team as a whole for ensuring that individual performance or compliance issues are addressed.

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