Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team calls for funding for collective, community solution to health and housing issues


Partners of the Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team echo need for funding to improve the health of the residents of Guelph and Wellington
recognizing intrinsic link between housing and healthcare.

The Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team is committed to contributing to a collective, community solution to the health and housing issues that are impacting the health of our population. We have community members in Guelph Wellington, who for health, economic and social reasons, are not housed or able to maintain their housing. Current health and housing services were not designed to address the current magnitude and complexity of needs. Many who are homeless also face mental health, addictions, trauma, violence, or physical health challenges. To support the current needs, we need more capacity and better integration of health services in the housing sector so that those who do find housing can have their health needs met (which is a critical success factor to maintaining housing).

Guelph’s third permanent supportive housing project, at 10 Shelldale, is set to open in the coming months. This building will provide bachelor-style apartments and 24/7 health and care supports for 32 (currently unhoused) people. The project is also designed to provide extra health resources for 76 others living at other supportive housing buildings in Guelph.

GW OHT partners, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, and the Guelph Community Health Centre, along with Kindle Communities, are leading this effort. This project has also been supported through partnerships with private sector, federal, provincial, and municipal leaders. These partnerships – including the land that was so generously donated by Skyline Group of Companies – have allowed this progress to be made.

Health care services must reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the communities they serve. There is currently a gap in the health and care services available to address the needs of our community members experiencing homelessness. As a result, this negatively impacts both their health and the health of the community. In a couple of months, 10 Shelldale will provide the right help at the right time to people in desperate need, but only if operating funding is secured. We support the call for funding as a direct link to the Guelph Wellington’s goal is to improve the health of our shared population.

Ontario Health Teams are a way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Under Ontario Health Teams, health care providers (including hospitals, doctors and home and community care providers) work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care. The Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team exists to transform the way care is provided in the Guelph-Wellington community. Our goal is to improve the health of our shared population. Click here to view a list of core partners of the Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team. Learn more about GW OHT at

For media inquiries, please contact:
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