Guelph Wellington OHT backs call for funding for supportive housing project

Guelph Wellington OHT backs call for funding for supportive housing project

The Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team is throwing its support behind two organizations that are looking for funding for a local supportive housing project.

The project, 10 Shelldale, is the third permanent supportive housing project in Guelph, the others being Bellevue and Grace Gardens. The new project will be located next to the Shelldale Family Gateway and Guelph Community Health Centre off Dawson Road. It is being spearheaded by the community health centre and Stonehenge Therapeutic Community.

The Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team (GW OHT) believes there is a link between housing and health care, so that’s why it says a supportive housing project like Shelldale is needed.

“We recognize the need to support those that are most vulnerable and in need in our community specifically those with mental health and addictions issue who are unhoused,” said Emmi Perkins, director of transformation at GW OHT.

“If we house individuals without the support of mental and physical health, … the housing may not be successful. Similarly, if we continue to provide mental health and other care to those who are unhoused, it will be equally as likely to be unsuccessful.”

The funding would be used to help operate the facility. The call by the GW OHT for funding didn’t specify where it will come from, but Perkins said the team, along with its community partners, are looking at the main players.

“All levels of government have a role to play in supporting the housing and the mental health needs of individuals in our communities.”

The residence at 10 Shelldale will have bachelor-style apartments and around-the-clock support for up to 32 individuals. It is set to open by the end of this year.

Perkins said that all the team’s partners are working hard to secure funding for the project and that she is confident they will be able to get it.

“They have made a number of promising connections and had some positive feedback … but they are still waiting for approval.”

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