Community FAQs

  • Will I lose my doctor when Guelph becomes an OHT?
    • No. We do not anticipate any changes to patient and primary care physician relationship.
  • What about patients who aren’t attached to a family doctor?
    • 97% percent of Guelph and Wellington residents have a family doctor. And 100% of primary care doctors in the Guelph Wellington OHT have signed on to participate in this model of care delivery.   The small percentage of patients who are not rostered with a primary care physician will have their primary care needs, including care coordination, met by the integrated primary care teams.  Every effort will be made to roster patients and for those who, for a range of reasons, are not able to be rostered, IPCT services will still be available.
  • How is it being determine which OHT people are part of?
    • Patients are assigned to an Ontario Health Team based on how and where they use health care services rather than “where they live”.
  • Will the care in each OHT be the same as the care that is provided in other OHTs?
    • Each OHT will develop and deliver care to best meet the needs of their specific population.  OHTs are expected to ensure seamless, coordinated care for their patients regardless of where or from whom they receive care. So as OHTs develop, processes to support consistency and coordination between OHT will be a priority.
  • What are the key priority areas for the Guelph Wellington OHT?
    • Palliative
    • Home and community care
    • Mental Health and Addictions

Click here to read more about how care for these populations will be transformed.

  • How can others contribute their ideas and stories?
    • Currently, the Guelph Wellington OHT has a dedicated web site. Under “Contact” it currently offers as well as feedback forms for both the general public and healthcare partners. Alternatively, idea, stories, questions and feedback can be directed to Emmi Perkins, Director of Transformation of the Guelph and Area OHT ( 
    • Another way that partners and residents can contribute to the Guelph Wellington OHT will be through:
      •  a “Patient & Family Advisory Council” that will be developed to support regular updates to and feedback from users of our system.
      • other patient advisory roles to be determined and designed as the OHT develops.
  • How will the Guelph Wellington OHT integrate social partners and other networks that patients use?
    • In alignment with our accountability to ensure the health of our population, The Guelph Wellington OHT will work with all providers and agencies to ensure the comprehensive health and social needs of our patients needs are met. The Guelph Wellington OHT has different levels of partnership and will work with different partners in different ways over time as the OHT evolves and matures. More information about our current members and plan to collaborate and work with other can be found here.
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