Health Equity Questionnaire

In support of GW OHT’s Strategic Priority of ‘Improved Health Equity”, specifically the goal, “ We will have data to better understand the health and social needs of our communities”, the Health Equity Questionnaire (HEQ) is a tool that asks key questions about the social determinants of health (SDOH). The SDOH are factors like gender, language, income, education, and living conditions that can affect a patient’s health and well-being. Having a standardized way to document SDOH helps clinicians understand the unique challenges patients might face and allows for better, more personalized care that addresses these factors. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) don’t have a standardized way to document SDOH so the questionnaire was created to fill this gap. Health equity is when all patients are able to be as healthy as possible, regardless of their background or circumstances. As healthcare providers, it is important to look at all of the factors that affect a patient’s health and their needs with regard to receiving health care.  The questionnaire answers will help providers to better understand patients and the community we care for, improve and advocate for services, and better connect patients to resources. This tool has been in development over many years and has received input from patient advisors, health care providers, and EDI specialists throughout its development. 

Here is a link to the questionnaire in PDF format. Primary care partners using TELUS EMRs will be able to easily download this tool following the installation instructions below. Partners using other EMRs are able to duplicate the questions into their systems to add to existing socio-demographic information they may already be collecting.

Tools to Support the use of this Tool

If you have any questions or need support, please contact Katelyn Young, Equity and Engagement Coordinator at

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