Looking to Access your Health Records?

Use ConnectMyHealth to view your health records, and truly empower your health journey.

ConnectMyHealth is a digital health solution that provides you with an online, single access channel to view your health records from participating hospitals in Ontario Health West Region (Southwestern Ontario). ConnectMyHealth can be used on desktop and mobile devices from within Canada, and there’s no cost to use it. ConnectMyHealth is a web-based tool, so there is no app to download to access your account on an ongoing basis. For added security, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required at each login to ConnectMyHealth, which is available via SMS Text or by using an authenticator app.

Hospitals within the GW OHT including Guelph General Hospital, Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Palmerston and District Hosptial and Louise Marshall Hosptial in Mount Forest are all data contributors.

The GW OHT is supporting promotion of ConnectMyHealth as part of our work under two of our Strategic Priorities – Stronger Intergration & Communication and Improved Health Equity. Patients can register here.

Please refer to our FAQ if you have any questions.

ConnectMyHealth Testimonial Video featuring Dr.Kevin Sampson, Primary Care Provider in the GW OHT.
(3883) ConnectMyHealth Testimonial – YouTube

Registration Support is available here: Ways to Get Help (connectmyhealth.ca)

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