Patient, Family, Caregiver Advisory Council (PFAC)

The Guelph Wellington OHT is committed to incorporating the experience, input, insights from a wide range of diverse patients, family caregivers and people with lived experiences.  We will design and implement an innovative and transformational healthcare system that places the patient at the center of our decision making. The Guelph Wellington OHT is committed to working with all system leaders, partners and existing healthcare structures to ensure that a true partnership is formed with patients, family caregivers and people with lived experience. We will do this by listening to individual lived experiences and ensuring patients are informed, involved, consulted, collaborated with and empowered.

The GW OHT Patient Family Caregiver Advisory Council (PFAC) is a robust and active group of diverse patient advisors. Over half of the advisors report being a member of an equity deserving group. Most GW OHT PFAC members sit on working groups across the OHT or are involved in other GW OHT project work. Two members sit on the GW OHT Steering Committee. One member is in a co-leadership role for a key equity project. Another member has been leading community engagement efforts for a digital health solution. The GW OHT PFAC members are active members of the GW OHT making valuable and important contributions regularly. In addition, working group leads are able to access PFAC as needed for engagement.

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